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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Uprising Against the Desert Mirage: Why Egypt's power is the same as under Mubarak

(Scripturelink: Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc  Aupiais

When the Egyptian Revolution of sorts was in full swing, South African Catholic, in an article I wrote, warned against the change of power as something potentially catastrophic. A change in power where people die, religious freedom is damaged, and nothing really changes.

Media knew full well, and were wilfully negligent in neglecting to inform us the public of something we all knew from a bit of research, something I noted worriedly and wished that media would report on. South African Catholic certainly reported on the haphazard and deadly true position in the Revolution in Egypt.

Mubarak was a figurehead. Real power in Egypt, as I have noted time and again, has always, and continues to lay with the ferocious but diplomatic Egyptian Generals and army corpse.

Mubarak was one of a number of puppet princes installed by this army, funded with a Billion US dollars a year by America, and in the current constitutional framework, far more powerful a nemesis of the people than Mubarak, a mere figurehead ever was.

The army of Egypt, was careful not to partake directly in fighting, the very reason for a figurehead is that they are expendable. The New York Times, and others are finally, allegedly only now awaking to the fact that the Egyptian army always has been the king maker in Egypt, that they appointed Mubarak, and intend officially and publicly now to appoint Egypt's next dictatorship/government.

Whereas the Catholic press were deeply concerned by the revolutions, whereas it warned of future crackdowns against Catholics, as either a rebel government came to power, or the army was forced to act in a populist manner, mainstream Western media lauded the revolution, and the role Facebook, Google, twitter played.

The real spark, is not the massacre of Christians by the Egyptian army recently, in which allegedly, Coptic Christian Minority Egyptians were driven over, and shot at with live ammunition by Egyptian soldiers. The real spark was noted by Official Vatican news agency, Agenzia Fides: always a useful source in conflict monitoring. Fides reported that a marked change occurred with the storming of the Israeli embassy recently, that in past times the building would have been sourly protected to the death by Egyptian soldiers, who would far outnumber protesters. Israel is where the army of Egypt  gets its billion dollar a year funding from America from, yet the army in Egypt, now believed that bowing to populist intentions was more important. Interestingly, just before the revolution occurred, I monitored increased sales of US arms to the Egyptian army, as I noticed this reported in specialist military monitoring news media.

The cabinet it says, must be chosen by the army, as with the Prime Minister: a return to Mubarak days. The power behind the power allegedly wants to insure it can keep this power. It also, allegedly desires the huge power which would come with suggested power to intervene to keep Egypt secular.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this New York Times October 14th 2011

Wikileaks, according to the UK Telegraph reported that the revolution in Egypt, had been planned for exactly when it occurred. While George W. Bush, rejected attempts to insure regime change in Egypt, the Obama administration had a different view. Either way, the people who organized the Egyptian uprising, were trained by the Americans, according to the Telegraph, as our service detailed when the revolution was allegedly in full swing.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this SACNS January 30th 2011; February 2nd 2011

The army, in Egypt, chose figureheads because like a hydra, it can lose them one by one. The power behind the power remains, and it will be surprising if any real democracy emerges in Egypt. Certainly... now that Satellite   Television viewers have had their viewing pleasure: the seeming alleged fall of a monolithic state, and have moved onto Libya: a seeming genocide against Sub-Saharan Africans *, by tribally connected warlords, disguised as an overthrow, more viewing pleasure can result.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this SACNS September 2nd 2011;

In North Africa and the Middle East:

Everything "Changes", Everything :"Stays the same".

(once again my source is the New York Times, claims that the revolution on the ground was pushed forward by propaganda against "kaffirs" ("unbelievers": specifically in this case: black ones))

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Massive Municipal Strike; Malema Corruption Evidence? Whites to be taxed for skin colour? And Friction amidst ANC Allies over anti-USA Botswana coup d'état call

(Social Justice South Africa: Social Justice; Family; Life news Service of the ~SACNS)

Article by Marc Aupiais c.f. Google Plus account of Marc Aupiais, where this opinionated post originally appeared!

Today in the Communist Dictatorship column :

Zuma King Maker Over-steps the very small Line, President asks if the man who got him into power along with leftest allies runs this countrya truly good question, considering !
Government Workers STRIKE for a further 18% increase in already huge salaries, on tomorrow the day of the Assumption of Mary into heaven
Sunday Times: finally links Malema to alleged Government Tender Fraud in Limpopo?
Desmond Tutu calls for already legally discriminated against "Whites"/Europeans/Caucasians to be further taxed as revenge for Apartheid: SAPA Reports


Zuma King Maker Over-steps the very small Line, President asks if the man who got him into power along with leftest allies runs this countrya truly good question, considering !

Mr Malema, who's called for nationalisation of Industry (Banks, Mines, etc), has apparently been upsetting Mr Zuma (President). But this time over his comments that there is a need for "Regime Change" to be imposed on neighbouring Botswana for its support of the American government.

The ANC NEC, changed a meeting with the Youth League at the last minute, sending go fetch boy, Communist Party Leader Montashe to inform Malema the meeting was cancelled. As the one man to oppose nationalisation of what COSATU says the ANC has agreed for "General Industry", Mr Montashe is allegedly out of favour in certain circles. Malema didn't believe he had been so affronted as to see the meeting post-poned as its agenda changed from inducting the Youth League Leaders, to possible disciplinary action for endangering South African ties with neighbouring Botswana with what sounds iconically like a call for coup d'état in the country.

And as Montashe was sent to tell the Youth League of the cancellation, caused by his reported pressure to have them called into account, they decided allegedly not to believe him.

As Malema unceremoniously bust into the ANC NEC meeting where high level issues were being discussed, where Mr Zuma (President) set a new president: apparently asking with furore if the Youth League ran the country.

There were four people at the meeting, three NEC members confirmed the events where Zuma lost his temper. As there were seemingly two Youth League members there also. Two of the members of the Youth League confirmed the event.

Source on the specific events of the said meeting:

President Zuma fumes at Malema ... - Times LIVE lets hope Mr Zuma gains courage: as so far his King Makers have called for overthrowing Botsawna, communism?

Government Workers STRIKE for a further 18% increase in already huge salaries, on tomorrow the day of the Assumption of Mary into heaven

If the perils of Cosatu's claims the ANC NEC will introduce general Nationalisation of Industry are anything to go by, their strike actions to further bleed the government dry will be even worse in future. Municipal strikes often turn out quite similar to London Riots, as Unions, allied with the ANC, answer to no one. I've driven through streets impacted by strikes, it is a scary sign in Braamfontein during Municipal strikes.

The Government workers now take up a huge portion of budget, stopping building of schools, new roads, just to afford paying salaries ever higher than in the private sector. A situation resulting in job losses everywhere.

Source for Strike's date, percentage:

Sunday Times: finally links Malema to alleged Government Tender Fraud in Limpopo?

According to the Sunday Times, which claims to have positive proof: Steve Bosch is alleged to have paid 1.2 Million of his company's " Sizani Build It" money from its Standard Bank account into Malema's account, and his architect's account in his name. The Sunday Times, which revealed similar facts by then National Prosecuting Authority Vusi Picoli against then Deputy President Zuma and Shabir Shake (released from jail controversially on death leave but yet to die years later) who was convicted: has a tendency to aim at Government corruption by the ANC. Steve Bosch got Tens of Millions in Tender money in Limpopo, for his company. Malema recently called for the nationalisation of all South African banks.

Source on Alleged bank records:

Desmond Tutu calls for already legally discriminated against "Whites"/Europeans/Caucasians to be further taxed as revenge for Apartheid: SAPA Reports

Sapa reports on comments by the former Anglican Archbishop and gay activist Desmond Tutu, to make whites, who he sees as rightly having felt guilt for Apartheid to pay extra taxes. With the Help of Nelson Mandela's cabinet, and policy decisions, and others: Whites are already barred from many top jobs even when there are not black South Africans to fill them, from money for charitable causes (such as when an orphan is white), and from certain degrees of ownership of companies. Whites are also unlikely to get educational scholarships, and unions, allied with the Ruling ANC: often bar the appointment of whites, either in low paying jobs, or in positions such as principle of a government school.

At least 6 00 000 of the minority population are already impoverished.

I am white.

For source on Tutu's words and far right Afrikaans Party's response this is our source:

Just another day in what was once paradise for many more people than now: as ironically the average standard of living for all South Africans was higher under Apartheid, when half the world abandoned us under sanctions. Or perhaps Iconically. Not Ironically! Iconic of a nation where the pendulum swings from one dangerously out of sync state to another, perhaps even more dangerous for its seamless apparent powers and its deals with Unions, and others!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Obama plans to annihilate Israel- #Egypt

Article by Marc Aupiais

I've been watching for months, as Egypt continued to stockpile more and more American weapons, from F16s to other military equipment. It has been a concerning buildup of arms. According to the UK based Daily Telegraph, and Wikileaks cables they have pointed out, the American government wanted to institute Regime Change in Egypt, this year 2011 before September, or so their diplomatic cables declare, which also note that America helped train those who are pushing the protests along.

Egypt is instrumental in the Israeli Gaza blockade, preventing weapons and supplies into the Bank. The Egyptian population are not targeting the army, because they support them for clashing with the Israeli forces recently.

Obama recently had a Jewish Heritage celebration in America, an Israeli newspaper noted that other than campaign contributors, all the Jews who were invited where non-Zionists.

The American backed Jasmine Revolution II in Egypt, will have one certain effect. America will have lost an ally as the Egyptian people do not support their pro-Israeli efforts in the Mid-East.

Israel is now possibly at jeopardy. A new democratic government will almost certainly get rid of the unpopular Gaza wall or allow supplies in.

On another note, some Egyptian Christians are hoping a new government will mean better treatment.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Southern African Catholic Bishops are only another part of the Ruling Party now?-- become a tool for the Ruling party, as lobbying organization joins the ANC!

Article by Marc Aupiais

Concerning words from the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference:

"National Religious Leaders Forum (NRLF).

On January 5th 2011, a meeting of NRLF, National Interfaith Leaders Council (NILC) and the Commission for religion and traditional affairs of the African National Congress was held in order to discuss Unity amongst the two Interfaith organizations. The consensus reached was that instead of forming a third umbrella body, as was suggested by Luthuli House, both NILC and NRLF should amalgamate. Each organization will appoint 7 members to constitute a working group. This body who will prepare a concept paper and recommend procedures for the formation of a single National Interfaith organization or forum.

The Challenge of follow-up.

The challenge that continues to confront the conference is to develop a mechanism that will ensure that the results of the various ground-breaking conferences and documents are systematically discussed and implemented. Here we refer to Ecclesia in Afrika, the African Synod on Justice and Reconciliation, the IMBISA triennial Conferences (self-reliance, good governance, good work ethics) and the economic justice pastoral document. Unless we have a way of monitoring implementation, we run the risk of reinventing the same ideas every few years.

Lay Formation.

By lay formation I understand the empowering of lay people to participate fully and meaningfully in the life of the church and society by virtue of their baptism. Lay formation has not yet been given content at Conference Level. It is also not clear how this dove-tails with the evangelization and catechesis. Lay formation is a broad term that refers to information dissemination, the imparting of specific knowledge and training. But there is a debilitating vagueness about this term. LUMKO has been suggested as a possible institution to put together a laity formation programme. To date, no plans have been forthcoming.

It is equally important not to lose sight of the need for a laity structure, a platform, a forum where lay people can make their voices heard. If the Conference does not help to facilitate such a forum or structure, other structures will emerge to occupy the empty space. There are many lay organizations in the church. It is imperative that there should be a possibility of networking for the benefit of the church. The Conference needs to dialogue with representatives of the lay faithful.

Joint Witness.

It is sixteen years since the last Joint Witness Conference. In our view, meetings at metropolitan level are good and desirable. But this can in no way substitute for a national, regional encounter between Bishops and Leaders of the Consecrated Life. A formal structure would facilitate such a dialogue.

The religious are partners in the work of evangelization and should from time to time be consulted on important issues our times. Otherwise, it appears that the work they do is hardly given any recognition. Again, such as in the case of the laity, if no forum is given at conference level, some will always create their own plat form to express their concerns and unhappiness with the Church. We appeal to the Bishops to consider Joint Witness III in the interest of collaboration, openness and dialogue.

+B. Tlhagale


The role of the church in Society according to sacbc

Article by Marc Aupiais

SACBS President says:

"The role of the church in Society

President’s report to the January Plenary Session of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference 2011.

Archbishop Buti Tlhagale OMI

As a Bishops’ Conference, we are being continuously challenged to redefine the role of the Church in our changing societies. It is relatively easy to appreciate the public role of the Catholic Church in the area of social services, health care and development projects. During the past three years, the Bishops’ Conference has been discussing the topic of sexual morality with the view to issuing a pastoral document. What is missing in the public spaces of our societies is the voice of the Catholic Church (or the religious sector) that genuinely seeks to engage the public on moral-ethical issues which impinge on the society at large. Our 3 nations are developing democracies. They are politically stable, but fragile. To varying degrees, they are characterised by graft, violent crimes, corruption, the serious lack of service delivery and self enrichment by those in positions of responsibility. The South African jails are overflowing with prisoners. To the majority of the ordinary citizens, the promises of democracy and rule of law are not only dreams that have failed but in many a reminder of the painful experiences of the past.

Our materialistic society protects and promotes the rights of individuals to accumulate wealth. Christian principles of fairness, equality and justice have fallen by the wayside. Our societies have lost a basic tenet of morality: the upliftment of those who have a greater need. The rich flaunt their wealth. They have become incapable of postponing their own personal interests in favour of the upliftment of poor communities.

All this begs the question. What is the role and possibly the influence of Christian morality on our societies and nations? Is the church capable of persuading individuals to move away from a rights-based morality – “It is my right to accumulate wealth”. Is the Church able to persuade our fellow citizens that to be truly moral person it is equally important not to harm others and to avoid greed.

Some pressing questions come to mind. If our Christian morality is based on our faith in God and if faith is a matter of choice (personal), is morality also not a question of personal choice? There is such a thing as a secular morality? How does Christian morality face up to it? Can Christian leaders discuss moral issues with non believers without reference to God? Is it a fair assumption that our countries are Christian Countries? If so, does this allow Christian leaders to impose on the people Christian moral principles or threaten them with the fires of hell? What about African Traditional morality, de we as Christians simply dismiss those who believe in traditional morality pagans (levirate, polygamy etc)?

In spite of many questions, what is abundantly clear is that we need morality to build compassionate human communities; Government can only do so much. Is the church leadership willing to invest resources and time in responding to this challenge? Where are our own moral theologians?

The second issue concerning morality which I wish to raise flows from the statement released by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith explaining the context of the statement of the Holy Father concerning the use of condoms by gay men. The statement points out that the real challenge is to focus on behaviour change rather than on condom use. My question is: What the status of the principle of a lesser evil in Catholic moral theology today? Is casuistic moral thinking still in vogue? Again here I sense a stagnation, a poverty of moral thinking in Africa and a dependency on American-European thinking. HIV & AIDS is not a North Atlantic problem. It is an African problem. It is a disease Africa shares with gay people in Europe and North America. When Europe thinks about moral issues around HIV &AIDS, they think of gay people. In Africa, we think about millions of ordinary men, women and youth, it is high time we challenge our moral theologians to assess the moral challenges of HIV &AIDS. It is high time for the conference to invest in the training of moral theologians in a more systematic fashion. Cynics would say, what more is there to think about? We have the Ten Commandments! We have a duty not to allow the imaginative genius of the human spirit to stagnate or die."

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