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Thursday, March 5, 2009

South African Catholic gets a possible discussion forum

Appeal/Note by Marc Aupiais (Editor) of South African Catholic

In our attempts to be at the forefront of Journalistic, and technological development, we jumped at the opportunity of a page on Catholic Answer forums, join our group there, hopefully, if we get enough members, they will let us create a sub forum, just for our news.

See our page/group here:


"South African Catholic News Service
Group Created by Marc Aupiais
Discuss News and events effecting South Africa, or stories covered in "South African Catholic", or promote the Scripturelink News initiative and Search engine. Note, the importance of this group, is not to be underestimated. An international News and Information Service: "Trinity Communications"/Catholic Culture: has placed the website of South Africa's Catholic weekly, the Southern Cross, on an international danger list. "South African Catholic", being a scripturelink initiative, however, attempts to live up to Scripturelink's international reputation for Fidelity to the faith.

Have South African Stories, or want to discuss what we have to say: do so here!

South African Catholic, has a news website:




This, in addition to our YouTube page:

Our Google Group:

Which acts to take our mailing lists to an almost automated level (this is where you subscribe to our emails)

And our numerous facebook initiatives, hopefully combine with this to put us ahead, but we need your help in this.


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