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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sri Lanka; Asia: Catholic Bishop calls Army to protect civilians: while fighting tigers: after collateral damage inflicted

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f UCAN NEWS (Asian; Independent; Catholic) 08 / Jan / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

As the Sri lankan army advances against the Tamil Tiger (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)) separatists, in Sri Lanka: the Catholic Bishop in the area: has called on the Sri Lankan army to avoid civilian casualties. Several have already been casualty to aerial bombing, which the bishop has called the Army to hault when dealing with highly populated areas; or more directly: he has said to save civilians from mortar, and aerial bombardment: possibly allowing for strategic strikes: although he does not mention these.

The Bishop of Jaffna, has said that he believes the army has hit civilian targets with aerial bombings, and is calling for them to save civilians from Mortar, and aerial bombardment.

The Sri Lankan army will now need to pursue the rebels in a highly populated area, if they desire immediate victory. Much like the situation in the Gaza Strip, this one demands caution on the part of a largely: morally/doctrinally speaking, somewhat: justified army: so as not to take unjustified actions, or do possibly immoral damage to innocent bystanders.

The Bishop's: Bishop Thomas Savundaranayagam's appeal to: President Mahinda Rajapaksa; of Sri lanka: does not seem to be a request that they do not pursue the Tigers, but that they be cautious about how they go about routing them out: so as to minimize civilian: non-combatant: losses.

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Sie.Kathieravealu said...

Current wars have to be ended and new wars have to be prevented. To achieve this goal the present system of Democratic Governance has to be changed to one that is really democratic in its true sense.

In the present democratic system it is only the powerful - speech, money and thuggery - can join the ruling class to suppress or convert others all others as their subjects and is a fertile ground for "corruption" in various forms to thrive.

In my opinion "Corruption" includes any kind of waste, neglect and every form of malpractice, dishonesty, abuse, misuse, unreasonable exercise of power, failure or refusal to exercise power, anything and everything left undone which results in the right of the people being denied or impaired.

Without a "just society" in existence much talked about "terrorism" cannot be eradicated. For the creation of a "just society" there should be "good governance" in the country. For the creation of "good governance" in the country "corruption" in ALL its forms must be eradicated. And to eradicate "corruption" the present democratic system of governance, where full power to make final decisions ultimately rests in the hands of one person, must be changed.

So the only way to salvage a country is to change the present system of governance to one that is truly democratic where the final decision-making power will NOT be in the hands of ONE person BUT shared by as many people as possible and thus restricting any individual hasty decisions that might lead to trouble everywhere.

To make a country truly democratic, the powers of the Parliament (the decision making supreme body of a country) should be split and separated and each of the separated powers must be handled by different groups of persons selected and elected by the people for the purpose of administering EACH SET OF POWERS or duties as the case may be so that no single group has the full power. All the groups together will make the whole. The country is not divided but the powers of parliament are divided/separated.

Different groups have to be elected for such purposes as administration, fiscal management, planning, implementing, policy and law making, auditing and for any other function that may be deemed necessary.

The group that is entrusted with the power to make laws and regulations shall not be given the duty/power of implementing/administering the laws and regulations.

Particular care should be taken to see that all powers are NOT CONCENTRATED in one place and that they do not overlap and there must not be a secret budget to be handled by a single person.

All transactions should be transparent including Diplomacy which has to be diplomatically transparent.

One set of powers dealing with the development of the country should be given to the set of representatives at the village level. The people of each and every village must be empowered to determine their way of life (lifestyle). The life-style of a village, its lands and resources shall not be disturbed by external forces.

All plans of development of a village that remotely/indirectly affects the village must have the concurrence of the people of that village concerned.

It has to be ensured that people are treated equitably regardless of their gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origins, age, disability, socio-economic background, religious or political beliefs and affiliations, marital status, family responsibilities, sexual orientation or other inappropriate distinction;

The decision-making powers with regard to each and every set of powers must be spread through-out the country.

With such system in practice discrimination, injustice, bribery and corruption, the four pillars of an Evil society might become history.

When the above four pillars of Evil are eradicated, the people would be living under a system that would guarantee sustainable peace, prosperity and a pleasant living to everyone in any country.

Comments on the above views are solicited from everyone with a view to prevent future wars and end current wars

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