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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spain a battle-ground? Spanish Catholic Church facing the socialist secularist government: born of an Al Qaeda Attack

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. New York Times (Secular; American; At times highly antagonistic) 05 Jan 2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Al Qaeda train bombings created a new era in Spanish politics, and social life. A radical socialist government: has emerged: which legalized gay marriage, is radically for abortion and euthanasia: both defined as Genocide in article 2 of the United Nations declaration. Socialist, and Secularist: note, not secular: but secularist: the Spanish government: has enforced what affectively is a ban on religious ideas, symbols, and mentality: in the public realm. Crucifixes were removed from schools: via a lawsuit; a Nativity scene was removed from the State Attorneys' offices; and many a case has emerged.

Including the targeting of a judge: who saw a lesbian couple as unfit parents: in accordance with Psychological studies.

The New York Times: calls Spain: the battleground for Europe: where religion and Secularism: are fighting what they see as a final battle. Only about 30% of Spanish people attend mass regularly: as compared with Johannesburg's, about 1%, and less than 10% of Catholics: this is actually large. Unlike many other countries: Spain, like America: was bitten by a vampirous Al Qaeda: and in turn: became something else entirely.

While we don't endorse the New York Times: their articles are often very well written. We have provided a link. Please be weary, not all their articles are acceptable to our service.

There are still large Catholic Nations in Europe, other than Spain: but the Spanish secularism; is the most rabid, and dangerous in Europe: whereby: a victory for religious freedom in Spain: against the radical socialist, secularist Spanish socialist left party: could be duplicated elsewhere in Europe.

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