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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Somalia's President Resigns: He was seen as obsticle to peace?

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters AlertNet (Secular?) 29/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Somalia's president has resigned, having been blockaded by a regional group, and called a blockade to peace efforts, by some authorities. The warlord president was propped up against Islamic insurgents, by the International Community, and seems to have been leading a sort of interim government. Within 30 days there should be elections, also important: Ethiopian troops are leaving the torn and ravaged country soon.

Other issues we have covered in Somalia: include recent losses by the Somalian government: against the advance of divided insurgents, as well as the kidnapping of two nuns from Kenya, by Somalian militants, and we have also reported of late of Somalian pirates: attacking western as well as eastern, and middle-eastern vessels. Some of this news, may have been covered in other services offered by Scripturelink, all of it is available on

Stories of note on Somalia:

Agenzia Fides- Somalia- Terrorists hit UN in Somaliland 04/11/2008

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Impacts on human rights, dignity, and the humanitarian efforts in Somalia: are not immediately clear: the situation in coming months could go either way. Please feel free to see our previous news on Somalia, either click on the label: Somalia or else: search in "See What We See", or see the links we have given above for a more comprehensive view. To only subscribe to our Somalian emails in the email service: remember: this option is designed to be given to those who subscribe. We have also provided links to other sources we do not endorse, nor even often know of: on this story. We do not guarantee article content, or the link at all:

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