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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gaza conflict continues: as Islamics jump to Hamas's support, Catholic church remains neutral, asks for solution

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Vatican information Services 28/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I love being on holiday: it means allot of watching news channels: and more work in this service to the Catholic, and other people of South Africa and the world. BBC, and EuroNews: I have found most useful on the current Gaza conflict: it is unfortunate, but while IOL's: the Star, had a wonderfully neutral, and informative article, on page four: some time ago: on page one: the same day: that had a one sided story from a university member's perception. The Catholic view seems: a desire for humanitarian channels to open: however: Israel says they are open: and there are accusations from their side against Hamas: involving tons of aid they claim is entering daily.

The Pope called for an end to the situation in Gaza: for the world to work together to help both sides to walk past the dark corner in which they find themselves. I have yet to see an authoritative statement questioning the validity of Israel's war on the terrorist organization: Hamas: in Gaza: however, it is lamented that civilians are dying in the conflict. It seems, the Papacy's planned coming visit to Israel will still occur.

It seems, that all authoritative Catholic sources: only aim for the fastest, and most long lasting end to violence. Israel, of course; while rejecting a 24 hour peace treaty suggested by France, an ally: as a bandage: earlier in the campaign seemed to hint that they would stop strikes on Gaza: when missiles stop being fired on Israel from it: and Hamas: is still telling their fighters to attack. Over 100 missiles were launched on Saturday, and while: since the offensive: missile strikes have been reduced: 4 Israeli citizens have died.

As for myself: I only hope for the best solution. It is feared that this conflict will place a hard dampener on peace talks. As of yet, all protests against this responsive attack: seem either from Islamic sources, or from Organizations: like COSATU, who have no real record of stable statements: having called for bloodshed: if a political candidate they support: is prosecuted for corruption.

Al other sources: are hoping for as speedy, and good a recovery from the situation as possible. Perhaps I am not giving a full spectrum, but I think other smaller sources irrelevant in this situation.

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