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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Northern Ireland, "United Kingdom": Irish Bishop Cardinal Seán Brady urges an end to political "impasse", noting that peace may be in danger

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 17/11/08; Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference 17/11/08; Sky News (Secular) 18/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The peace in the politically unstable region known to the world as : "Northern Ireland"; is in danger due to a new political "impasse", if Irish Bishop: Cardinal Seán Brady is to be believed. In a lengthy article posted on the online facilities of the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference, the Cardinal warns of the dangers of a political stalemate, and recalls the hope brought by the Irish Peace process to Catholic persons in the Middle East.

Northern Ireland is in a different political situation than much of Britain- having a degree of independence: which prevents abortions, and allows for local political parties to have a say over events. Recently, a British army parade was the cause of protests by Irish opposition to the deaths of Catholics, in which some sections of the army are accused of playing a role. Both those who seek an Independent Northern Ireland, and their opposition have been accused of less than ethical dealings at times.

The Democratic Unionist Party, which is pro-Britain, and Sinn Fein, which has allot of Catholic support: have been unable to decide how authorities such as police are to be divided. In a country which has seen accusations of the abuse of authority, this is serious. Also in need of discussion is apparently an economic downturn- according to the secular News Group : Sky News.

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