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Saturday, November 29, 2008

South Korea, Asia, Eurasia: Government permits Euthanasia case

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Secular AFP 27/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

South Korea, has permitted its first Euthanasia, via permitting a family to remove the feeding tube of a terminally ill lady. People have been known to awake from such "brain-dead" comas, and the Catholic church apposes any form of "euthanasia", and apposes allowing death: so far as a family can afford to keep a dying person alive, they must, however: when both active, and extreme measures are needed: to sustain life; these specific actions are not required, but keeping in the feeding tube of patients in other nations, has been a minimum obligational requirement of those caring for the ill, by the church.

No English Language comment has been made as yet by the church on the issues, that we have found. In Italy, similar action was directly condemned at the highest church levels.

Abortion firm "Planned Parenthood": offering gift certificates for abortion to celebrate the unaborted birth of Christ

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. News 24 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

""The tragedy is that almost 6 000 fewer children will be celebrating a first Christmas this year because they were aborted in Planned Parenthood's Indiana clinics," said Mike Fichter, president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life."(News 24 28/11/2008)

Abortion is murder: it is the systematic killing of an unique human being... in a sort of holocaust.

In Indiana, United States, Planned Parenthood, is coming onto new, utterly evil business (self-made) "opportunities": for the Christmas Season, people can give gift cards to peers, with credit to get medical "help" at "Planned Parenthood", recently having attempted what equates to genocide legislation on the Catholic Philippines, using US Government "Muscle", and failing.

The child is alive, sperm is alive, the egg is alive, both are somewhat separate for their source. Just as it would be crazy to classify a viral, or bacterial infection, as the mother: the poor poor little, fragile, dependent, loving thing: is a separate being all together. When combined from sperm and egg, into a new, "third" full life form, they no longer connect directly with the mother, which is but an environment. The child has all the intelligence needed to grow and prosper in the womb, but lacks any ability to literally avoid ripping apart with sharp medical objects, and has no way of objecting, having its corpse used in "Embryonic Stem Cell" "research" afterwards. This is partly why the church apposes the research, it always involves murder of an unique person. Science classifies the embryo as a living human being: in early stages of life. Technically, a man and also, a woman is 9 months older, or however long one is in their first environment, moving with the parents: than the day of birth.

Like discovering a dead chicken in your boiled egg: an aborted fetus, is killed, and ripped apart in the mother. What remains looks like white fluff, and other processed meat like, cotton wool, or factory processed, parts.

The group is the receiver of promises from part Kenyan, somewhat "American", Barack Obama: to force though legislation to do away with all restrictions on their business, things like parental consent below some ages, and "counseling" to help increase the chances: one is "correct" in one's "choice". Things, which cause them to kill fewer babies each year, in a systematic, money based contract killing system: aimed at defenseless infants, who are at the "wrong" place and "wrong" time: because their parents selfishly pursued sexual pleasure, and now selfishly murder the fetus. When children cry, it is like kitties meuuwing, or the sound of a dying animal: perhaps the lack of noise is because, they are like a submerged diver, in water in the womb.

Clearly, Abortionists care nothing for :"choice", attempting to do away with every option to not perform the operation, and risking health care to many. Planned Parenthood has a complete cycle: they teach children sex education, with US government funding, which is not given to more successful programs for ideological reasoning, they give out drugs, and tools to prevent the gift of a child, and when their contraceptives don't work, they perform the abortion, all for money of course.

It is shown in setting after setting, contraceptive education: increases teenage pregnancies, and abortions; the group benefits greatly from the American Democratic Party, and is always pushing for more abortions to be made available for their sausage machine.

Abortion is an intrinsic evil, performing one or co-operating in its forwarding is an automatic excommunication from Roman Catholicism. America alone, has systematically slaughtered over 50 million children via abortion, and Obama wanted to also allow for Infanticide. Their crime against humanity, is over 5 fold that of the Nazi government in Germany.

One of the founding statements of the ANC in 1994: is that they plan to maintain, and pursue always: abortion in South Africa; as they have, against 90 % of citizens, and perpetrating moral consent. In both South Africa, and America: campaigns proven to increase disease, and abortion, are followed solely... by governments who care more for ideology than the scientifically proven lives of their citizens.

Philippines, Aisa: Faction of Bishops claim that there is grounds, if legal attempts to oust their president don't work: for seldomly invoked: "Just u

(Social Justice South Africa; CBCPNews (Philippines Bishops Conference) 29/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a seldom invoked Catholic doctrine, much like the jihad doctrine often invoked in Islamic communities in some nations, a faction of Bishops in the Philippines, claim, it appears: that they want the people to commit a "just" uprising, a sort of "just war", which the people do against a political power, when certain conditions are present. Certainly, they have called for an "uprising", but what is meant is unclear, previously they asked for the people to "prepare a new government", both are either vague, or else the bishops asking for something rare to occur.

This threat is: if political means do not work to oust a president attacked for corruption, the people have been asked to take this into their own hands. Similar claims have been made by representation of the Vatican over America's President Elect, Barak Obama, if he introduces new abortion legislation, but both seem vague, in both situations, it is unsure if war is being asked by influential church figures, against political parties. The American situation involves statements, that new legislation would be seen as an act of war, possibly meaning that the Vatican's followers would not be apposed, as the IRA have been: if declaring the Catholic version of a jihad against American authorities, vagueness can only really be seen out of caution, which I have with any statement calling for war: if they were not calling for war, or something requiring such caution: then they would not be vague: even if war is declared by bishops: it would be in a manner governed by strict battle rules.

Again, the church is making very open, or else rare statements, in both areas. If calling for war, this has not happened in years, but could happen, especially with support of bishops. One group is quoted by catholic sources as inciting an "uprising", the other: the Vatican over America, is quoted as saying that new legislation would be seen as an act of "War".

Not all bishops, in the Asian nation are in agreement over whether or not conditions of this exist, however: those for any means to rid their country of a government they don't agree with: are quite loud, and seem to have more say. The Vatican has yet to state on which side they are on. To actually try the president, as head of state may require Vatican permission, however: although the Law on this matter, is not widely explained.

Whether or not it is just, an uprising seems a true possibility; and could be peaceful or violent: depending on what is done in the country. A peaceful uprising seems more likely: one in which the government is apposed, and the president impeached, and then tried. "Just" uprising contains all the required rules of War, of just War, much like the Geneva War rules.

How much power those plotting to take down the Philippine government, currently in a war against much of its Islamic population, with American Involvement, condemned by some as unjust: depends, not so much on how correct they are: but on how effective in fronting their claims. I am unsure if a further civil war would break out.

While an uprising was called for: by some bishops, whether or not it is "just uprising", is not clear from my perspective, nor to those supporting the government among the bishops.

The purpose of publicizing these claims is also uncertain: just as it seems uncertain that there could be a civil war in Philippines, however, a situation like in Thailand, may well occur. However, I have not gaged the situation on the ground, perhaps citizens may respond to their calls, in a long standing confrontation between church and state.

The Bishops are not phased by threats of legal charges by the state. The Vatican has neither condemned, nor supported the Philippines supporters of an "uprising". As for the American situation, again, in both situations, I am not qualified to inform of whether or not war is being called for by these persons, nor whether or not it is warranted. Just uprising, is also always left to the individual conscience: even when conditions may exist: one is judged for their actions.

Whether or not just, there may be movements in the Philippines, as we are watching this story, we will, if able to: inform you if any violence or protests occur in the Asian nation. As for America, I am sure that if we see a war emerge there, firstly, there would be more statements, as legislation is not introduced at present, or else we may well see violence if there are not calls to prevent it. As a foreigner to both countries: I cannot tell whether or not their is the will-power, nor the probability of war: the statements from those making them: still seem to hint at least at these stories not going off international radar soon.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ha Noi, Communist Vietnam, Asia, Eurasia: 4 Men, 4 Women on trial, in government statement, on the same day as new auxiliary bishop is annointed

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. UCAN News 26/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Perhaps it is a sick communist version of humour, in a Nation where church land, including a nuncio, a Catholic Embassy, has been stolen by a paranoid, paraiha state. In Vietnam, 4 Catholic men and 4 Catholic women between ages 21 and 63, are going on trial for what equates to "disturbing the peace", on the same day as a new auxiliary bishop is ordained for the Archdiocese. "Crimes" include, gonging a church bell where Catholics had gathered to pray, another "crime".

This follows the rampaging of mobs of communist youth, who violently attacked Catholic institutions, the stealing of sacred artifacts by the communist government, and verbal attacks on bishops, priests and Catholics, in an international incident between the Catholic Vatican, and the communist government of Vietnam, in which media and state resources have been abused and property requisitioned, against the church's will.

Catholic property owned since colonial times, has been redistributed into government hands, as state controlled media is abused to incite hatred of the church. It is assured, that the 8 tried, are a statement and will likely get no fair trial. The court date is probably to prevent resistance at the trial, set up with other events made into diversions.

Police seem to co-operate with the communist youth league, as the Zimbabwean "police" did with the "War Veterans". Atheistic Communism, is condemned as an ideology of Evil, by the dogma of the Catholic church. A free man is said to have a fundamental right to own property, and advance himself via this

South Africa's ANC is associated with communism, however most countries, unlike Vietnam realize the economic error of the process, so directly and vehemently condemned as evil by Catholic Dogma.

Mumbai, India, Asia, Eurasia: Blasts, hostage situations kill over 100: foreigners thought to be targetted

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. BBC World News 27/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Over 100 people have been killed, over 300 injured in co-ordinated, and tactical terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. The attacks, however are thought to aim at the Indian economy. If it were simply more terrorist attacks, this is common in a country with tens of thousands of internal refugees, a Genocide active in Orissa, and many rebels groups. Analysis of the tragedy has lead accusations to be made at Al Qaeda, however: Somalia's international underground may also have some connection to this: due to Indian attacks on Pirates, Maoist Rebels, or one of many groups could well be responsible for attacks. No claims were made over responsibility.

Attacks involved high class hotels, tourism, and a train station.

What differs in this attack, is that it targeted foreigners, and killed over 100 people in a central economic hub of India. It certainly seems, as September 11th was: to be aimed at economics, not statements alone.

With thanks to an important correspondent of our online paper: we have noted this tragedy.

The following links are from a secular media house, we were alerted to them by our correspondent:
Video of circumstances of attacks:

images of circumstances, results of attacks:

Indians abroad mourn attacks:

Update: a newly known Islamic group has claimed responsibility, according to one news source, we have yet to verify this.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Zimbabwe, SADC Region, Africa: News reports underestimate Zimbabwe catastrophe: over 1.4 million at risk: sources on the ground

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic News Service 20/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As ENEWSCHANNEL of South African Origin: has reported that over 100 Zimbabweans have died in Zimbabwe, and four people died in South African Limpopo Province, of Malaria: The South African government has been treating those lucky enough to make it in as refugees: many die before crossing the border, and there are still risks facing refugees.

New estimates say that 1.4 million of Zimbabwe's people are at immediate risk, as health systems have shut down. In parishes, the sign of peace has been asked to be investigated by priests, so as to counter infection risks, and in cities, fresh water is not longer pumped in by a government that is not focussed on the people, in a region seeming not to bother.

Wells dug to get water have mixed with human excrement, with sewage, and the UN estimates they will run out of food to keep Zimbabwe alive. Responding to the urgency of the situation, the communist affiliated government of South Africa: has finally decided to act: promising millions in aid: if Zimbabwe can get a "legitimate" government. the SADC region has been interfering for years with Zimbabwe's legality of democracy, and has stalled international efforts at resolving the issue for years: whether this is another strategy aimed at what is seen by many as forcing the MDC into submission to the persecuting Zanu PF, or else a valid negotiation to force the ZANU PF into fair negotiations is yet to be seen: as the ZANU PF continues to kill their people with neglect: having themselves turned what was called the bread-basket of Africa: into the basketcase: needing aid from callous neighbors. Legally: the MDC won both the election, and the presidential seat, according to ENEWSCHANNEL, when they reported on the previous election.

The Humanitarian organizations desire sharp, concise action via the UN, and others desire urgent action to save Zimbabwe.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Philippines, Asia, Eurasia: Bishops draft own bill against contraception happy liberals! Recently after attempts to instill a 2 child limit on the nation, by foreign American Government!

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. cbcpnews (Philippine Catholic Church) 20/11/08; Reuters (Secular) 20/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The state must not define the family: is the stance of Philippine bishops on a controversial family planning bill, which aims at teaching unethical methods of contraception in schools and reducing population numbers, via contraceptives. Something which fits with the United Nations declaration on what genocide is (Article 2 letter d) what is being proposed, which is reducing populations by reducing birth rates. The bishops have proposed another bill to solve the same issues.

The Catholic method of contraception, aimed not at reducing births, but rather at allowing economic planning with future children: know as Natural Family Planning, with education is found by many well reputable studies, including those by the American Health division of their government: to result in less than one child every hundred years of use, done via measuring temperature. More than this: much of the nation's problems are not blamed on the amount of citizens to be served, but the incapacity of a government slated previously by the bishops as corrupt, and in need of replacing: with calls for officials to be tried by courts. "Planned Parenthood", an abortion group which pro-infanticide (He voted for it as recorded officially: to be legal) Barak Hussein Obama, of America is affiliated with: via "International Planned Parenthood", along with the US government: recently tried to use political power to impose their own two child limit on the Philippines: in which "International Planned Parenthood" was set to gain, as they have from being allowed to teach sexual education in US schools.

Foreign influence, heavy in ideology is not welcomed by the bishops: who site the availability of contraception over the counter, and statistics which point to an increase in health problems linked with contraception. Statistics separate from theirs say that water sources are polluted when contraceptives are disposed of, that promotion of contraception in schools is linked to increases in teen pregnancy, and abortion, and link contraceptives not only to divorce statistics, and an increase in immoral activities in society, but also show a vast rise in risks of sexually transmitted diseases linked with such programs and with contraceptives.

Recently, a Vatican source was quoted as saying that if America passes Barak Obama's radical abortion bills, the church would consider it an act of war against the Catholic people. It is unlikely that violence will arise, as this is heavily condemned by bishops in Northern Ireland, where Catholics took to bombings to protect their society from abortions, and religious discrimination... however the church may well consider other means of facing those: who in America alone have slaughtered of 50 million of their own unborn infants.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eurasia, Middle East, Iraq: Al Qaeda threatens to slit the throats of all Christians remaining in Iraq, as situation for Christians worsens despite claims of improvement in security

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. EWTN Global News 19/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A group affiliated with Al Qaeda in Iraq threaten to commit genocide against Christians in Iraq: already suffering sporadic murders, rape, theft, pillaging, burning of houses, and violence and threats. A mass exodus of Christians from Mosul was sited in the threats: as all Christians were called to join Catholics who have already been leaving Iraq.

Violence against Christians has not been wiped out: but still is and will probably remain systematically, successfully, and viably continued, as American occupiers continue to claim improvements: generally among non-Christians. The situation among Iraqi followers of Christian beliefs: has only increased since the overthrowing of what was seen as dictatorship: under Saddam Hussein. What Barak Hussein Obama will do about this is crucial when he assumes his responsibilities: an unwarranted, politically motivated withdrawal of troops, will only further destroy an already persecuted Christian population.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gulf of Aden, Somalia, Africa: Theft of ships causing diversion of shipping from Suez to Cape of Good hope, by some big shipping groups

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 18/11/08; Reuters (Secular) 17/11/08; Associated Press 18/11/08; Sky News Channel (Secular) 19/11/08; Other Sources (Largely Secular) ??/??/??)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Reuters( 17/11/0818/11/08;) , the London based news Firm, is reporting the effect of the consistent hijacking of ships by pirates in Somalia- currently in a civil war. Unlike other News Services- they have said that there is no major move to the cape route (18/11/08). Ships, however, many carrying "dry cargo" or electronic equipment are being diverted from the quicker route of the Suez Canal, via the Gulf of Aden, having had, or noted of issues with Somalian Pirates: taking rather: the long route from before the Canal was created- around the Cape of Good Hope.

The Cape of Good Hope is located in Cape Town, in the Western Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa. Insurance costs of taking Suez are estimated by a source in shipping: quoted by above mentioned Reuters:  to be one probable reason, however major Middle Eastern Oil producing nations have not yet hinted at any diversion, despite the recent hijacking of a Middle Eastern oil carrier. A reason sited by a shipping company withdrawing: is the risk faced, not by companies, but by crews of ships. There is also disappointment in the lack of support from the authorities and governments: in combating the piracy: whether or not this disappointment is warranted will be seen in coming weeks.

The civil war in Somalia between their Warlord president and Islamic rebels, has resulted in the government controlling less than half of Somalia's territory, with Rebels now controlling what seems an ever-growing amount of ground. When two Catholic religious were captured as hostages in a raid, by terrorists in nearby northern Kenya, and brought back to Kenya's Neighboring Somalia, the Somalian Government, appears to have had to ask Kenyan help to try resolve the issue.

Reuters, which reported firstly on the diverting of shipping, appears to have done a more extensive analysis: via an interview of a shipping company not quoted as pulling out: one day later, which saw the issue as not a major factor. All sources noted some ships being redirected to avoid the Gulf of Aden.

The extend of the diversion: will be determined by how effective promised efforts by the European Union: to stifle the hijacking of ships in the Gulf of Aden will be.

Northern Ireland, "United Kingdom": Irish Bishop Cardinal Seán Brady urges an end to political "impasse", noting that peace may be in danger

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 17/11/08; Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference 17/11/08; Sky News (Secular) 18/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The peace in the politically unstable region known to the world as : "Northern Ireland"; is in danger due to a new political "impasse", if Irish Bishop: Cardinal Seán Brady is to be believed. In a lengthy article posted on the online facilities of the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference, the Cardinal warns of the dangers of a political stalemate, and recalls the hope brought by the Irish Peace process to Catholic persons in the Middle East.

Northern Ireland is in a different political situation than much of Britain- having a degree of independence: which prevents abortions, and allows for local political parties to have a say over events. Recently, a British army parade was the cause of protests by Irish opposition to the deaths of Catholics, in which some sections of the army are accused of playing a role. Both those who seek an Independent Northern Ireland, and their opposition have been accused of less than ethical dealings at times.

The Democratic Unionist Party, which is pro-Britain, and Sinn Fein, which has allot of Catholic support: have been unable to decide how authorities such as police are to be divided. In a country which has seen accusations of the abuse of authority, this is serious. Also in need of discussion is apparently an economic downturn- according to the secular News Group : Sky News.

Pontifical Academy for Life,Vatican: science which throws away ethics, we do not belief can morally be pursued

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. CBCPNEWS 18/11/08)

Article By Marc Aupiais

In an article published in a Vatican Based Newspaper (L’Osservatore Romano): the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, has released a statement. Archbishop Rino Fisichella, in his capacity as President of the Pontifical Academy For life: has stated that when science is pursued without ethics- it mostly is utilized in such a way that it is made into a platform from which to persecute others: by unjust authorities.

He has therefore affirmed the Catholic belief: that science must always remain within ethics, or cannot morally be pursued. He said this: having noted already, that the church understands humanity with a special knowledge- having been the safeguard of man's dignity for about two millenia.

He also noted that science does not cause opposition to Catholicism, and therefore scientists must not appose the faith, rather- they should remain reasonable when dealing with issues such as the Ancient Religion.

Vietnam, Asia- America's selective "kindness" continues to hurt innocents- as government supporting mobs attack priests

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 17/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Catholic World News (affiliated with "Catholic Culture") reports of the ransacking of a Catholic monastery by Communist youth in Vietnam, while police protected the ransacking militants, from catholics attempting to save the place- in another of many attacks by supporters of the "Party" against often helpless adherents of Catholicism. The recent advancement against innocent civilians, came after an "invitation" by communists to priests for talks- probably in order to cause a diversion- to allow for the ransacking to occur.

The same American "good-willed" campaigners: who brought you a escalation in sexual immorality- money wasted on going into space, and "peace" ideals, and the abortion crisis- also, "priests" included- caused a mass withdrawal of troops from still every bit as much: communist: "Vietnam", and the Catholic church has been daily crucified ever since, along with all, or at least most slightly visible: free-thinking citizens. In a recent attack- Government controlled police blockaded a monastery to prevent desperate actions by Catholics local to the area to stop the ransacking of the building by Government affiliated Communist youths. The government itself constantly incites hatred of the church on television and other state controlled media, has called for the disposing of Catholic leaders, and have stolen church property, and goods- including the Nuncio in the country, and much of its contents. The nuncio which was "confiscated" was older than the communist regime. A nuncio is the catholic equivalent of an embassy.

The clear desire of the communist government to weaken, control, if not wipe out Catholic religion in Vietnam is more than aptly clear in the constant and incessant assaults by government representatives- verbally and physically on the human rights of Vietnam's Catholics. The systematic manner in which police, and authority are used as what seems to outsiders as an ideologically powered, and politically wielded: weapon is only part of it.

Communism is condemned as an ideology of evil by the Catholic church- and communist nations almost always try to control, or suppress the Ancient Religion- if experience is the indicator. Socialist governments are less likely to try to control religion: however with pure communism: those who question authority are often disposed of. External authority such as religions are either taken over, bargained with, or gotten rid of where viable.

America itself is hailing a "black" (half Kenyan) president and hope for a future "black pope" (The nickname of the head of the Jesuit Order apparently wont do it for them): while America does their painting- their decision to invade Iraq, and following it: ignoring of the wiping out of much of the Christian community in the nation- still reverberates: as with their desire to withdraw from another mess they caused.

As it is, "Planned Parenthood": the American based, international abortion firm, which teaches sex education in American schools- has been noted as hailing the election of their partisan president- Obama, as historic- not because he is black, not because he is part Kenyan- but because of all the blood, and white fluff stained tax dollars: they will get to keep systematically slaughtering helpless, unsuspecting, unborn children: that is- if he fulfills the promises he made about what changes he'd bring if elected. This includes preventing parents from stopping their child having an abortion- getting rid of pre-abortion councilling- and discriminating against the highly effective abstinence campaigns in schools- by funding further: Planned Parenthood's "Sexual education" programs.

Vietnam is a country in need of change, these incidents are not sporadic- they are common. When Catholic media picks up mass and open persecution of Christians- it is assured that others are already persecuted.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Somalia- Rebels control most of the country- Administration's head admits

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. Reuters 16/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With many unsuccessful attempts at governance since 1991, when a dictator was disposed of, Somalia has had many failed governments, with a warlord currently "president", and yet with a current insurgency still fighting for control, and it seems succeeding. The insurgents now control more territory within the Somalian Nation: than the administration of the North African country. When it is noted Somalia has a crippled government- that is to say that they have a government which hardly controls the country- and is basically unable to govern- as an internal war continues. The country is a danger to surrounding countries- in the region, and if it were not for recent intervention from Washington- the nation would not have its current government, salvaged as insurgents of Islamic background recently took the capitol, and were pushed out of it again.

For this protection- Somalia has Ethiopian troops to thank, who were spurred on by American support to save the militarily nearly conquered government, yet just last week the rebels advanced significantly again, and the government itself is divided by politics and feuds. Only a third- of the aid so needed needed to sustain over 3 million starving Somalians has been secured, after the the United Nations this year appealed for it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asia- Sri Lanka- Government takes key Tamil Rebel Position by force

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 15/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Reuters is reporting that the Sri Lanka army has taken the key rebel stronghold of Pooneryn. The stronghold has held out for over a decade, as the army finally advances further against the rebels. There seems to be no clear stance of the Catholic church on the Tigers- terrorism is openly condemned, and Catholic Archbishop Oswald Gomis, earlier- in February this year told of fears (reported by Vatican Radio 25/02/2008) of the "Tigers" targeting tourists. Other than this, sources of views we have read from the church, or news sources reporting with or on her seem neutral on the issue- simply reporting news.

North Africa, Somailia, Africa- Italian Nuns Kidnapped in Kenya safe- Elders negotiating release

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters 15/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Reuters is reporting the answer to the prayers of perhaps- millions. A Representative of the Kenyan authorities is reporting that the two Italian nuns kidnapped in Kenya, and taken against their will deep into wartorn Somalia are safe, and elders approached by the authorities, are negotiating a release. More prayer is needed for the two servants of the church.

Sub-Saharan Africa, SADC Region, Africa, Zimbabwe- MDC pull out of Zimbabwean government- as region turns blind eye to mass persecution of Zimbabweans

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters AlertNet (Secular) 14/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The cruel statement of Maria Antoinette is so widely known of the suffering, starving, dying, persecuted French people below her husband: "Let them eat cake". She was not referring to deliciousness of chocolate cake, though when we first hear it we think she is. She is referring to the crumbs which fall in the making of bread loaves- and SADC has done this to Zimbabwe. Instead of wanting Democracy, it seems we just desire the Zimbabwean people to die quietly, and if the Latest UN reports are true of the food crisis, as compared their aid budget- this is exactly what will happen. The problem of African suffering may finally be starved of the map of world politics, rather than be solved, as we herald the colour of first world politicians- despite not giving justice to Africa. Finally, the world has found a solution- to get rid of the symptom, them people who are dying. The Irish are said by some to have invented the hunger strike- to die on a person's doorway. Perhaps, without the MDC, and the media- the Zimbabwean people would not be permitted even protests, as Southern Africa plays political poker with the dying.

The MDC have withdrawn from the quick fix of ousted South African President Thabo Mbeki- to the Zimbabwean nation's problem, as the entire region seems to have sided with Mugabe.

Simply put- a mediator must be accepted by both sides, or kicked out- but Zimbabwean mediator- Mbeki has been rejected, both by his own communist leaning political party, and by the MDC as partisan from the start. As Mugabe wants to control both army and police, and continues to attack and persecute MDC supporters, the MDC only desired control of the police, as Mugabe had the army. The SADC leaders refused this, and allowed the persecution by police to continue, with the MDC, with majority vote- being but token politicians against an unfair deal.

So they have withdrawn, which is very politically wise- and may even save but a few lives- as the SADC region allows a genocide against the Zimbabwean people to continue unabated, through hunger, and even direct killing, and via arrests, and monkey acts.

Latin America, Uruguay- Leader stands up to pro-death vote- vetos abortion laws

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 14/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Center left, pro-life president of Uruguay- Tabare Vazquez vetoed laws which would have allowed abortion in heavily Catholic Uruguay. The president justified his stance in scientific evidence- which clearly sees the unborn child as living.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Africa, Great Lakes Region, DRC, Congo- Caritas internationalis- Congo's Bishops say that the World are not protecting Congo from "Silent Genocide" as Congo's resources are carved up

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Caritas Internationalis 14/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

International Humanitarian umbrella organization- Caritas Internationalis, has warned of urgent statements of the DRC Catholic bishops, who claim that the war in DRC largely involves resources, even as human rights are abused daily, and that the United Nations is not protecting the people, nor upholding International Law in the DRC, as mandated to. The Bishops claim the international community has for the time being betrayed the people of the war ruined region, through inaction.

Caritas Internationalis themselves, have appealed for a clear mandate for the United Nations Peacekeepers on the ground- Monuc- to act against those instituting violence, and breaking peace treaties.

The Congo, they continue to claim in their bitter, urgent, hopeful pleas- is being disected and divided between powers, and the people are losing out- as her resources are harvested via conflict. The bishops have asked the people of the vast region not to let their nation be divided in such a manner. The DRC Catholic bishops urgently urge the international community to no longer condemn them via apathy and ineffective means of solving their dire and deathly circumstances- but rather to act effectively, and uphold international law.

They, like Caritas Internationalis are asking for also: an increase of aid to sooth the bleeding wound of the humanitarian situation in Congo.

To see more see:

To read statement in french:
Google Translation
Translation- we hope it will work

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Milan, Italy- Italian court permits father to kill his daughter- in "first" slaying permitted by Italian state

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 13/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

After a ten year court battle, and against the strong condemnation of both Vatican and Catholic politicians, Italy's highest court, has permitted a man to kill his daughter, coma-bound for 16 years. People have been known to wake up from such a state. This case is expected to yield other cases, despite Euthanasia officially being illegal in Italy.

Africa- Sub-Saharan Africa- Zambia- New President elected- police arrest Priest live on Catholic Radio- alleging he alleged a rigged election

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. BBC World News 13/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

After getting in narrowly, and replacing the Patriotic Front temporary President- President Ruphiah Banda (Movement for Multi-Party Democracy), of Zambia- has anointed his office, with the arrest of a Catholic priest, while the priest was live on Radio Icengelo, which the BBC says is church owned. The priest is alleged to have should we call it- caused tension through allegedly saying the recent election in Zambia was rigged. Creating antagonism in Zambia is apparently illegal, allowing for an arrest.

The Priest has been charged with inciting animosity between people, and of claiming that the recent elections were rigged. The opposition Patriotic Front has alleged a rigged election in the country, however- the Catholic Radio station is not confirming or denying whether or not the priest actually joined allegations, or if he alleged a "rigged" election. Father Frank Bwalya simply replies- "innocent until proven guilty". In an opposition stronghold, hundreds marched to see him freed. He was released on a police "bond" (I am guessing bail), and will appear in court on November 27th.

It is uncertain if the priest was airing the view at all, or for that matter whether or not the church believes the elections to be rigged. Sometimes priests do in fact support unjustly political causes, but if the priest did say this on a Catholic Owned Radio station, then there may be some credence to wider support of his statements in the church- if they were made at all.

Otherwise, this could be a sign of government repression of freedom of speech. His program was analyzing elections, and he called for calm when released. All one can do with these facts is speculate until more is known.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rwanda- Germany kicked out over arrest of Rwandan official- Germany joins France, and the Catholic church in being snubbed by the Rwandan President

(Social Justice South Africa; Scripturelink Voters guide; c.f. Reuters (Secular) AlertNet 11/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Germany is set to join France, the Catholic Church, and Rwanda's French speaking citizens on the list of people snubbed by the Rwandan government,an African administration accused by Congolese officials of funding an insurgency in their neighboring country- the DRC, an illegal conflict, which is strictly damaging the region, and aid efforts.

Rwanda's president is wanted by a French court, to face charges in the Hague for the murder of his predecessor, a death which caused the Rwandan genocide. A top aid was arrested by Germany in efforts to try the aid for the same plane crash incident. Rwanda's military's involvement in the DRC is confirmed as possible by representation of their government, who say proving it is another thing. The BBC reported of an incident of Rwandan troops firing at a United Nations attack helicopter in the neighboring Dr Congo, and others also give varying accounts. The Rebels in the DR Congo are of the tribe attacked in the genocide, and many of their victims are of the tribe which was largely seen as aggressive in the 1994 Genocide. Rwanda's president denies claims by parties including United Nations sources of involvement in the war in their neighboring nation, even as rebels in Congo claim to be there to fight Rwanda's own rebels. The requests involving solving the murder of the 1994 president of Rwanda, is the source of much of the Rwandan cuttings of ties.

French was recently removed as an official language in Rwanda, and government departments, and schools may no longer use this language. Since the French called for justice involving the Genocide, they, along with the Catholic church have suddenly been accused of involvement in the Genocide, by Rwanda's justice system.

Milan, Italy- Father in ten year effort to legally off sick daughter- Catholic church disapproves

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. The Star 12/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Spending an amount of time which may well have borne fruit- if it had been used by praying rosary after rosary, an Italian Father is in a landmark case to pull the plug on his sick, coma bound daughter. The church in Italy, and Catholic politicians say that the removal of the tube is nothing less than euthanasia- illegal in Italy.

The way in which the counter-society, against life rights often encourages for human persons choose to end lives as soon as possible in suffering is not mirrored in sea mammals, which recently were recorded- trying to keep a dying fellow floating to stay alive- for as long as possible. Germany is one of the places euthanasia was most powerfully used in modern times, where elderly, sick, and also others, such as homosexuals and Jewish people were killed by the German government in the 1930's, in what they generally saw as euthanasia, "mercy killing", or used similar justifications for, how merciful the victims saw it as is not reasonably debated.

Should a person under torture beg for mercy, is their oppressor's killing them euthanasia? The problem with what Catholics cannot but see as the depraved request of this Italian father to have laws seen differently in the country- is that whenever a small exception is gained against human dignity, a small rule broken- it always accompanies an avalanche of further defeats of human dignity. The church also believes that suicide is a substance of mortal sin, assistance in this is also material mortal sin, as with killing a living person as with so-called mercy killings. Evil is always the disproportion of good- "mercy" is only right so far as it is just, is how the church views this issue.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

America- Bishops- Appose Obama on Abortion, life rights issues- Black president a good sign of racism's decline- Anti-Catholicism, another issue still

(Social Justice South Africa; Scripturelink Voters guide: How Catholics Should Vote in South Africa c.f. New York Times (Secular, liberal and considered antagonistic at times) 11/11/08; Catholic Culture 11/11/08)

The often antagonistic New York Times, is considering the fact that the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Biships's, has asked bishops to challenge Obama on abortion. Many bishops united, decried voting for the pro-abortion candidate during election races, and this will not stop when the man becomes president.

Already there is talk by "Democrats" of broadening abortion laws, and forcing insurance, and tax payers to foot the bill, and of economic strategies that will have to be based on further loans from China or elsewhere, but worse- many Catholics who did not vote Republican due to McCain's stance on Embryonic Stem Cell research- a definite evil, and sign of evil- Obama also plans to reverse legislation by George Bush, and pay for this with tax dollars.

Catholics who vote for a pro-abortion politician, incur an automatic excommunication unless other conditions exist which reduce culpability. With automatic excommunications- it is probably better to go with the Phrase guilty until proven innocent- in order to lift the spiritual ban on one's soul, just as with confessing- one should say- I may have done this, I am not sure, rather than leaving it out, but telling of their doubt where need be.

The bishops are realizing that many Catholics have excommunicated themselves, and therefor are compassionately apposing the Democrats, named by some as the "party of death", and by church representation as in danger of being branded such. The shepherds of the catholic Faith in America- are glad that there is a "black" American president, but while racism may be largely conquered, there are no illusions as to whether or not horrid anti-Catholic bigotry still exists in large portions of the American Population, according to the head of the conference- Cardinal George of Chicago. In fact, it seems to the bishops, that if Catholics want to succeed in public life in America, they are forced, or often choose to put aside their heritage. In America, like Great Britain, being faithfully Catholic and in politics, is almost an odd oxymoron for many.

For more see:

Africa- Somali/Kenya- Somali Government asks Kenyan help in tracking down kidnappers of Italian Nuns

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters AlertNet 11/11/08; Reuters AlertNet 11/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In the incident involving two Italian nuns kidnapped in a raid by militants, the Somali government has asked Kenya to help them track down militants, saying they would welcome a Kenyan party, if it were sent to help them.

In another blatant attack on aid workers, and a Catholic target, Somali gunmen recently kidnapped two Italian Nuns, in the northern part of politically unstable Kenya, which has large portions of its population saturated with Ethnic Somalis.

The Somali Government usually points to Islamic rebels as the source of attacks- but some Islamic sources claim it is in fact conducted by the government to discredit them. The actual attack involved sporadic gunfire, and the launching of a rocket into a police position by gunmen who fled across the border. The Kenyan authorities have enlisted the help of Somali elders, while the Somali government, crippled by a failed economy, and civil war- also cannot seem to prevent what is almost inevitable. Many aid workers are kidnapped and killed by Somali gunmen, specifically targeted for whatever purpose this is so.

Meanwhile, Somali Pirates have captured another international cargo ship off the Somali coast. 10 EU Nations recently signed a deal into effect, that will soon see at least 4 to 6 ships patrolling the coast at any time, and the use of possible surveillance aircraft. Over half of the world's ship hijackings took place in Somali territories last year. These EU Nations want to secure the well-traveled maritime path for commercial shipping lines to safely use in commerce.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Africa- Human Rights News- Italian Nuns kidnapped in Kenya, by Somalians

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. BBC World News 10/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sparking an international incident- involving the Italian government, Catholic Papal Nuncio in the region, the Kenyan government, and Somali elders- Somali gunmen have kidnapped two Italian by citizenship Catholic Nuns. The two reports of the incidence differ, with an aid worker claiming they were taken in a gun battle by a church, while another source, the Red Cross- says they were kidnapped at their place of residence.

Kidnapping, and terrorism are considered evil in themselves by the Roman Catholic Church structures, and theology. The area of Kenya where this happened, the BBC says largely has many Somali descendants living in it. Somalia is in a state of humanitarian crisis, has no effective governance, and is in the midst of a civil war. Kenya likewise has seen the murder of many for political reasons, and accusations of electoral fraud. The Kenyan authorities claim to be in contact with Somali elders, to try to attempt some kind of securing of reclaiming the nuns for freedom. Catholic targets are beginning to appear as especially favorite targets for militants in the region, due to repeated attacks on Catholic targets, along with aid workers which are kidnapped and killed by Somali groupings.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vatican- Pope slams immoral trade of human organs- often based in killing adults and children alike to harvest- says there are huge benefits in moral

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular i.e. non-Catholic) 07/11/08; Catholic Culture 07/11/08)

Article By Marc Aupiais

Human organ transplants, can work miracles, but its never a miracle when someone else has been butchered for it. This is perhaps the message of Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in openly and publicly, condemning the trade of human organs- whereby prisoners, children, socially not well off, and other persons are stripped of their organs while still alive, or killed for them- and countries profit off "organ-transplant" tourism.

The Pope openly supports the legitimate use of Organ transplants as life saving, but demands a cleaning up of the industry: people should not be seen as "therapeutic material"(Catholic Culture 07/11/08), but as human beings. Vital Organs must not be removed from living patients.

The church also believes in respecting the bodies of the dead.

Americas Abortion News- Insurance must pay up to help abortion, all restrictions to be lifted, state to fund genocide against unborn- This is the chan

(Social justice South Africa; How Catholics Should Vote in South Africa: Scripturelink Voters Guide; Chastity South Africa; c.f. EWTN News 07/11/08; CNS "blog" 07/11/08; CBCP News (Philippines Catholic Bishops) 07/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The man who voted for infanticide and broke promises, but not those about introducing shocking abortion legislation has done it again. Barak Hussein Obama has done something even Saddam Hussein may have bulked at- he has promised to lift all limits on abortion, use American Tax Dollars to fund it, and is to enforce the allowance of legislation to forcibly cover abortive pills on insurance, and add even more money towards sex education in schools. Abortion firm Planned Parenthood was the recipient of many of these promises, and will welcome them gladly, as they already are permitted to teach sex education in schools.

""The winning presidential candidate ran on a nebulous platform of 'change,' but 40 Days for Life provides something far more powerful - hope. Hope demonstrates that, with God's help, hundreds of lives can be spared from death by abortion. This fall, a political battle was lost," said Bereit, "but hundreds of lives were won. I am convinced that those victories will have far greater impact.""(EWTN News 07/11/08)

Most of Obama's votes are interesting. He got a record number of votes in Catholic states, despite the automatic excommunication (Canon 1398 of canon law c.f. Latae Sententiae) against any Catholic who supports abortion- including via voting, forbidding any participation in sacraments or sacramentals. With the new restrictions against conscience, Catholics will probably have to object in some form, even by helping anti-abortion campaigns- so as to not partake in the sin and excommunication as a collaborator.

Abortion fits an enacted legislative definition of Genocide according to the United Nations definition (Article 2 letter d).

40 days for life saved 540 babies from being killed in their last campaign and plan a next session on 25th February next year. One area where activists are opening a center- has more abortion facilities than those to actually give birth to children- this as world population rates are already declining under disease and lowering birth rates. The dangers of globally declining populations are not only seen in areas like Europe, where foreign populations are slowly filling the gaps, and cultures are mixing and being destroyed, but also in retirement plans, and in skills shortages and other terrible problems.

The American President-Elect, Barack Hussein Obama, who has no heritage of slavery,was brought up in Asia, not America, or Africa- and is quite literally African-American, (i.e. half white half Kenyan), also has apparently pledged to appoint pro-abortion supreme court judges in America, and to prevent individual states from preventing abortion, via waiting periods, or parental consent. Americans, like some early bloomers in BEE, have chosen a foreigner to fulfill their race conscious requirements, with many in the "Civil Rights" movement, who fought so hard to prevent discrimination against their own hides- openly supporting the man.

While commentary in the Southern Cross will this week join the secular press in hailing the first "African-American" president in America, even saying that the world will no longer hate them, truly- the populace of the Nation has gained friendship with the world, but at the cost of friendship with God. 50 million children, in America alone- have been unceremoniously, in a battle taking under five minutes, unless they are a bit larger- violently plucked from the womb in the country, and abstinence programs of sex education are at great risk. Only about 10 million Jewish people died in another campaign we may call a genocide- this is about five times the amount- 500% greater an afront, with about 4 to five thousand murders of fetuses, every day.

Barack Hussein Obama promised change- he had next to no experience to give it, and it seems the majority change he has introduced is to attempt to entirely conquer the field of abortion for his profit-making supporters.

America joins South Africa, and a select group of nations- in taking the choice to support life away from the conscientious objector. The real "pro-choice" vote should have been against the movement so well known for their support of killing those who are still unable to voice a protest.

When groups of humanity are treated as less than human, that is when alarm bells should be ringing. Speaking up is important, especially in self preservation, perhaps this poem from a bygone era will speak of this better than us:

"Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Kommunist.
Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.
Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert;
ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.
Als sie die Juden holten,
habe ich geschwiegen;
ich war ja kein Jude.
Als sie mich holten,
gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte."

Translated as:

""In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.""

Or more directly:

"When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew.
When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out."

I am not implying any connection between the American Democratic Party, and the Nazis, what I am saying is that as Catholics we believe abortion to be murder, and as Catholics we know that a Genocide is when conditions are created to allow the destruction of a group of society. If all ten year olds were to be allowed to be killed, it would be genocide. When Herod killed all children under two years, it was a genocide. And when one reduces births in a population in order to destroy part of all of a group- one is committing genocide according to the United Nations Definition.

Silence helps the oppressor, not the oppressed! please see the articles in Scripturelink Voters guide about the positions of South African parties on abortion and gay marriage, and the other 5 so-called non-negotiables for Catholics obedient to the papacy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

US News- California Bans Gay Marriage

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic in Film School 05/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Catholic In Film School, an interesting news source on media and California, is reporting that while America's most Pro-Abortion man to make the presidency, perhaps ever, who even voted for infanticide, and has vowed to aid Planned Parenthood, the abortion firm who teach sexual education in American Schools, mentioned for trying to impose a two child limit on the Philippines recently, to impose harsher abortion measures.

The positive side for human rights and social justice, and religion- is supported in that "Gay Marriage" is once again illegal in California, after voters voted to pass Proposition 8, an amendment to the state's constitution to ban same sex unions.

Much thanks is said to be due to the Mormons, for this, a non-Catholic religion, who spent millions on ensuring that the ban passed.

Pope- to US President- Build a just world, I am praying that God may enlighten you, and help you and people of goodwill to build a just world

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Zenit News 05/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The pope has sent America's President Elect a message- in which he congratulated him on his victory, and said "believers" are praying for his enlightenment by God, and for God's aid in his task, at the helm of such an important economy.

Reading the events through the eyes of AsiaNews, or CNS, one might understand why Pope Benedict so empathizes with the World War II pope, one might believe the Pope would have voted pro-abortion in this election. This is why calm and cool Zenit News is always advantageous- it prevents hostilities emerging towards the Holy Father by giving his word the right emphasis.

Other stories certainly seem to ignore the context of what has happened, as though the Pope were routing for the American President to win. This would certainly ignore the Papacy's consistent efforts to encourage Faith in Politics, and the efforts of local bishops to appose the American President, and the excommunicated vice president, right up to voting.

The pope noted his prayers for the American President, and the world, that God may help the man with his "weighty" responsibilities, in order to, along with all men of goodwill- build a world of peace and justice.

His statements are like that of the WWII Pope- they were made with politeness, and in such a way as to try to encourage more justice and goodness in America, in order to encourage change positively. A presidency under Obama, of America certainly is a complex situation- requiring complex actions by the church- so as to gain the best effect possible, perhaps also slightly affecting the Genocide of Abortion, which Obama so strongly supports.

Benedict XVI is famed for his Ecumenical ability- having been noted as saving negotiations, or having powerful affects several times. Clearly this is part of the Pope's larger strategy- in order to do what is best for the country. Human Anger, or human ways of expressing anger- does not always benefit God's will. I speculate that the Pope is sad in this event- but he has not endorsed the candidate as the best for the job, in fact he seems simply to be speaking to the position, and of the occasion.

Catholics will certainly take the pope's words seriously, and begin to pray for the American President, and his nation- for enlightenment, and pursuit of actual justice, and lasting peace.

Social Justice South Africa, Scripturelink Voter's Guide- America goes with abortion candidate

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

There were internet sites set up to tell Catholics that the Catholic thing was to vote for Obmama, and dissidents from right and left, including the daughter of Kennedy, who did so much damage to the faith- also tried to convince voters. Obama broke a gentleman's promise with McCain in making a half and hour advert from his own money, his competitors noted he was the first since Nixon to abandon public funding. He has a 100 % rating from one of the most pro-abortion firms in the world, voted for introducing infanticide for failed abortion attempts, and has an interesting record with God.

Despite the automatic excommunication of Canon Law, and the best efforts of the American bishops to appose a party so apposed to the church and her efforts, I have been made sure that many Catholics either voted Democrat, or else convinced others to or supported this. Unfortunately, they are not permitted to take any sacraments, including confession until the excommunication against them is lifted by the church. This does not lift duties they have, but does ban utterly any use of sacraments, in what the church calls medicinal punishment.

When attending confession they must note punishments against them- theirs is latae sententiae excommuncation for conspiring and abetting for the cause of abortion, and you need to ask for this to be lifted and absolved of. If you voted for or supported the Democrats- mention the excommunication, and if the powers to lift this have been distributed to priests in your area- they will hopefully lift it, otherwise, they should be able to tell you how to get it lifted.

Abortion is called Black Genocide, and this is not a reference to the UN declaration on genocide, which should be being used in the case of abortion- it refers to the fact that the African American population in America are being attacked at the base level by statistics of this. America lets their major abortion firm- "Planned Parenthood" teach sexual education in schools. What President Bush of America apposed- and took away was American funding of third world abortion. Also- America under Bush, managed to prevent a lifting on the World Moratorium on human cloning.

Was the other Candidate a saint, no- but the candidate the church has been fighting so hard against for ages has gotten in. McCain, despite perception was no Bush ally- Bush didn't even really help with his campaign, or at all if I recall. They also were rivals in their previous attempting to be the Republican candidate in the previous election. Obama has no real experience in policy (BBC World News), he has less than Palin did. The colour of a person's skin does not determine how good they are for Africa or the world. We've seen that in Africa.

Sadly- the current financial crisis could have been avoided- Obama's competitor, McCain co-sponsored a bill to allow reform of the financial sector in 1992, which was apposed by the Democrats. Ultimately, for Catholics who voted Republican or supported the Republican ballot- their reward is their position safe in Mother church- unlike others they are not excommunicated, or in doctrinally a position known as mortal sin. They can take communion this Sunday, and retain office in the church. The sad part for the church- is an administration which has routinely used and abused religion- twisted her teachings in public and with great scandal, and utterly apposes her in many places.

This is not a better day for Africa or the world- only an exiting day for a true African America- in the Literal sense- Obama isn't even more than half African in heritage if I recall. Those wanting an African President will still have to wait- Obama is still what, half white.

Please see our information about abortion and Excommunication:

And on the UN declaration on Genocide:
Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Reservations, entry into force etc

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Humanitarian Issues still not resolved

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

We would like to update on some issues- the situations in India, DRC, Somalia, and other areas we reported on are still largely happening, with some or other manifestation. Such issues are overcome by actions and by prayers.

Agenzia Fides- Somalia- Terrorists hit UN in Somaliland

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Agenxia Fides 29/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The UN Development Program building in Somaliland, a breakaway from Somalia, was hit among other targets in recent terrorist attacks, which coincide with a regional meeting in the region.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Northern Ireland- Catholic deaths to be protested as British army returns home

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. BBC World News (Secular) 02/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Protesters will protest along the route of a British home-coming army parade. They are from a major Irish Political party, claiming that British actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in Northern Ireland are not what they would call heroic. Two groups have decided to protest elsewhere than the actual route, and the British have canceled a flyby in the city, and disarmed troops partaking in the parade, as tension flair. Sinn Fein ("We Ourselves"), and others plan to protest on the route of the parade. Sinn Fein is planning a non-violent protest, and has asked hardliners to stay away. Both sides have compromised, but fears remain of violence.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Africa- Great Lakes Region-DRC-Congo- Goma Violence continues- claims of looting of refugee camps, and torching of these surface!

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. CNN (Secular) 31/10/08- thanks to a friend for pointing this out to me; IHT (Secular) 21/11/06; BBC World News 29/10/08)

CNN, like other news services is reporting on the harsh situation in the Kivu region around Goma. They have mentioned that there are reports being investigated, of camps being burnt. They note of 1 000 000 people who have fled Congo's violence.

We have already noted in previous articles, that even before this- camps had reached capacity- and many, even thousands- of the desperate refugees were having to find shelter elsewhere. Recently, when food aid was once again given out- a fence was scrambled over, and those being aided almost stampeded in a quest for the food. Catholic Relief Services, and many others have been forced to withdraw from the immediate area, to safer areas in the Congo. They (CRS) will still be supplying aid in Goma, but via the structures of Caritas Internationalis. Organizations such as Caritas Internationalis- are still doing a large portion of the work on the ground- via use of locals to distribute food to thousands, and also by tactical distribution of other products to ensure life- such as hygiene products, and blankets.

Rwanda, who the BBC (See one of our previous articles for c.f. or see link to BBC above), noted that the UN have reported to have been implicated somewhat in violence:

Rwandan troops shot at UN attack forces- at a helicopter, deny claims of being instrumental in this violence, or of responsibility for it. The fighting seems shockingly to involve the same two tribal groups who were involved in the Rwandan Genocide- the Rebels in Congo are of the tribe which was attacked in the Genocide, they claim to be protecting their tribe against "Rwandan Rebels" they claim are in the area. The conflict however is not ethnic, people of every group are dying or starving or fleeing because of the actions of the rebels, and there is no real visible presence of any enemy which they claim to be fighting, except the Congolese army, and the United Nations. The Rwandan president has still refused to appear before a French court for the death of his predecessor, whose death is widely thought to have been the Catalyst for the Rwandan genocide. Instead, French is now no longer an official language in Rwanda.

The British Minister to Africa, believes that the world risks another Rwanda in the DRC, if correct actions are not guided into place. France wants to send in thousands of EU troops to aid the situation, but this requires co-operation in Europe.

Violence is taking place during crop planting season- this means there will not be crops planted in the affected areas this year- resulting in threats to food security. Many have lost everything in recent weeks, and soldiers on both sides have been accused of human rights violations, as the Congolese government gradually loses control of their troops. A barely holding peace treaty is barely maintaining peace in the region, with some fighting continuing after dark.

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