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Friday, October 3, 2008

Abortion arguments and the ultimate illogic of our laws on abortion

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With the 700 billion dollar bailout of the US banking sector expected to pass- one thing is certain- the concept of this itself is foreign to the American spirit- but they have been convinced that it is necessary- and so many will vote for it.

Now, let us look at abortion- many abortion advocates want abortion until birth- that is that path pro-abortion states often go, further than already forcing South African citizens to deny their religious obligations- by aiding abortionists.

So, what is the difference between the unborn and the born- to me it lies in a small document- it lies in citizenship- these peoples are not citizens of South Africa yet- and we often get away with actions against foreigners that we could never get away with against our own citizens.

Apparently, it was Mandela's government which legalized abortion, this is what Wikipedia and other sources tell us about this famous man so many South Africans have grown to Idolize- under him- abortion became widely legal.

Is the argument that Mandela was in support of abortion, or in the very minimum that his government at least was- an argument that justifies it. I say no to this.

Now- those in support have argued- yes but those women would get it anyway- in fact- they even kill the child once it's borne. I will not repeat the rest of the argument- due to the way it views many less well off South Africans- what I will do is combat it.

Because rape is done anyway- should we legalize a less violent form of it?
Should we allow people to bring others they don't like into hospitals for killing them?
after all- both of these issues can't be stopped entirely by legal systems- is it right however to do lesser systems of it- or restrain a victim to protect the oppressor- in a safer environment in which they can perform what they desire in their best interest.

Others say- let us permit abortion and contraception to reduce world population, but according to the 1951 UN declaration on Genocide, by which we prosecute war criminals- these people are advocating genocide (article 2 section d).

Others still say- these children are not intelligent yet- so, are we to make a scale of intelligence, like in some brilliantly thought out sci-fi fantasies- and kill all those below it?

Others say- the child is not alive- but how then and when then does life begin- surely- science can't create life- so how can it say when it begins- all it can say is- surely- the sperm was alive- but even as millions of sperm died on the way to the womb, we were not able to save these lives of what is not yet identified by most as human. The sperm certainly is not the same life-form as the mother.

It is now that the sperm and the egg combine- whether or not the sperm dies in this- well I don't know- but it certainly combines with the egg to form something neither entirely from the mother, nor entirely from the father. Again- at this point many people die, they also die in miscarriage- but again we cannot prevent this entirely.

Now, the church itself does not allow condoms- it thinks it wrong to automatically cause the sperm death, of course in the case of Natural Family Planning- they use the argument of Abraham- whose infertile 100 year old or so wife conceived a child.

So- we admit that the thing that emerges in conception- is independent of mother and father- it has unique genes, and can replicate it's own cells. Like we rely on our planet to survive- it too rely's on its environment- the womb.

Now, if we quash someone's dreams before they know what they are- we still quash them- if it is going to be human with all certainty unless we intervene- then it is our fault if it ceases to be- as it is- it is human- simply at an earlier stage.

Murder is the purposeful killing of another through action or purposeful inaction, where the other is not in this death being justly punished for a crime, or else is not an unjust aggressor, or supporter of unjust aggression.

Nothing a child who is not capable of aggression yet can do is unjust as yet.

Ultimately- I see no circumstance in which we validly allow abortion, in that the life taken is not guilty of anything. Of course, for some reason, despite many South Africans agreeing with me- our government, under Nelson Mandela- chose to further allow more than highly limited abortion in our country. Is this right?

All I know is that what is legal and what is moral is not always the same thing- even as the only real justification of any legal system is necessity and morality- otherwise it simply becomes a system of oppression of others- that gain may be made by certain groups who it benefits.

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