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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chinese milk- catholic woman objects

(c.f. CathNews)

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to the Australian organization- CathNews,who sites Union of catholic Asia News, and - who cover the milk crises in China- a catholic source is claiming that government representatives knew about the crises three years ago in 2005.

If true- then the claims of a moral degeneration by Chinese Catholics- could be more than simply apt- but in fact a dire cry for aid. Sadly- we often hear of poor safety standards from China- more than that- we often are forced by retailers to support these- in that many of our western products are produced there. Truly- it is not only the Officials or people who knew who are guilty of this, but we also share partly in the remorse of thousands affected- by not asking higher standards of business as regards respect for the fundamental dignity for the human person- by those we buy from.

When we have the option- we should always rather buy products which support healthy business practices- and if possible- from countries which promote good practice

- rewarding such action, as that of those aptly ignoring what should be international health standards, by buying from these countries and companies- means those responsible are less likely to be called to account for it!

Whether or not the claims of knowledge have utter credence- there still must be some negligence in the system- this is not the first health problem we have seen from China- and further- even without knowledge- it should have been sought.

With the given facts- many will have no powerful reason not to believe the reports of knowledge- we have seen very little signs of an improved respect for life and liberty from the Chinese of late- only more of the same. Prayerfully- one day the Chinese will throw off their oppressive cloak- and once again rejoin the civilized human rights governed world- but then again- the issue the Chinese face- which more manifest than in our western nations- can clearly be mirrored in the horror of Abortion, so that- while there are atrocities, or negligence in other parts of the world- the same sins often occur in the west and in Africa- it is not China alone which needs to change their regulations, but rather- every layman should be utterly involved in fighting for respect for human rights in their daily environment- and even in the political sphere.

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